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closed joint stock company “Victoria”

the President of JSC “Victoria” – heads Vladislav Yurievich.

director was Born on 8 September 1966 in the city of Odessa. 1984-1986 service in the armed forces. From 1988 to 1992 he was head of technical Department carpool “Tourist”, Odessa. In 1992 he graduated from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute. In 1992-1993 – Director of NGO “Vulture”. In 1993-1996 Director of FFP “Picon-limited. Since 1996 head of the company “Victoria”. Heads C. Yu is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association Winegrowers and winemakers of Ukraine”. In 2006, elected people’s Deputy of the Odessa regional Council.
CJSC “Victoria” is one of the leading positions among the leading companies of Ukraine. The company is young, but very successful, established in 1996.

the company “Victoria” engaged in the processing of grapes and bottling of high quality wines under the brand name “Grossliebental”. In the range of 47 titles of the finished product. It is dry, semidry, semisweet, sweet, fortified and sparkling wines.

vineyard Winery CJSC “Victoria” is located in a picturesque place in Odessa region VILLAGE Lugansk about, tel.. When it was occupied by German settlers, who were engaged in horticulture and viticulture. Over time, the wine industry in the German colony began to flourish. The best traditions of winemakers preserved and used the trademark “Grossliebental”. A distinctive feature of the enterprise is the ability to combine the latest technology of winemaking and ancient, time-tested traditions.

nature “southern Palmira” were created optimal conditions for wine production. The grapes grown in this area, has a special taste and aroma. Vineyards CJSC Victoria covers an area of GA of them a young vineyards. In the future we plan to expand plantings of grapes 2 times. Grow these grapes as Cabernet Sauvignon, “Aligote”, “black Odessa, “suholimansky”, “Traminer”, “Rkatsiteli”, Delight, Muscat Odessa”, Odessa early”.

the Production is equipped with the equipment for manufacture of finished products in a closed cycle, from processing to bottling the finished product. Comprising: a processing plant grapes equipped with four modern lines and two production facilities are fully equipped with modern Italian production lines for bottling and labelling, which can produce 6000 bottles per hour and improve the quality of manufactured products. In the cellars of the company in large metal amphora is about 7000 tons of wine. Here are the best varieties of grapes.

Accumulated experience, use of modern technologies allows winemakers to create amazing new generation of wine with strong varietal characteristics of flavor and aroma. High quality was noted at international and professional competitions gold, silver, bronze medals and diplomas of International exhibitions and Tasting competitions. Unwillingness to repeat promotes continuous updating and expansion of the range of wines.

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Address: Ul. Workshop 48
, Odessa, 65091


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