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In the South of Ukraine, not far from the old Akkerman fortress on the banks of the estuary, the area of 700 hectares is occupied by vineyards industrial trading Corporation BUSINESS WINE. On these plantations presents the best vineyards varieties: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Riesling, Saperavi, Muscat Ottonel, Traminer. Own kennel allows you to land on plantations approximately 50-70 acres of new seedlings of grapes annually. Today in the fields mastered and drip irrigation.

On the territory of the enterprise is the storage capacity of 300 tons, which allows you to store grapes for more than 6 months. The company is engaged in the primary processing of grapes and production of wine, wine production, bottling and sale. Today the company is equipped with three modern lines spill Italian production. The company’s policy is aimed at constant technical updates.

the Corporation produces wines under such trademarks as “Tarutino wine” and Premium Wines”. In addition to wines, “Business of Wine” makes tinctures COGNAC & sparkling wine “the Soviet nutmeg” and Odessa sparkling”. Products Corporation differs from competitors ‘ products, high quality, wide range and excellent design.

the Corporation is actively developing. Already today is the launch of two series of wines: the famous Moldovan TM “COMRADE” and a series of varietal wines TM AKKERMAN. In the near future we plan to expand the product range with 5 names of cognac, 6 items of sparkling wines. In addition, it is planned to start bottling of alcoholic wine drinks, vodka and mineral water.


Address: the Komsomol, 260
C. Mologa, Belgorod-Dniester R-n
Odessa region, 67751

+380 (4849) 608-87
+380 (4849) 765-31

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