Винзавод Коблево: о компании


Адрес: с. Коблево, ул. Одесская, 6,

+38 (05153) 9-65-39, (098) 321-05-39, (063) 616-81-28

Адрес: с. Ленинка, ул. Виноградная 2А

Николаевская область, Березанский район

Teл: +38 (05153) 20-100, 20-105, 20-004

Сайт: http://koblevo.ua/


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  1. 20.11.2015 at 02:35

    That’s funny.Yeah, I understand that there are a lot of ppoele who are new to wine, so of course they don’t know how to say some of the names of these wines. Still, for the Texas Department of Agriculture to see this as a big enough problem to issue a poster with pronunciation of wine varieties just goes to show how little knowledge the wine drinking public in this state has. I’m just doing my best to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

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