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Jordan-Women-cork is in Ukraine is one of the most famous in the world of associations oenologists Europe, OENEO, which includes major companies such as Rada, Victoria, Prorector, Sabat, etc. On the basis of modern, high quality equipment made in France, Spain and Portugal our company is engaged in processing of cork from raw materials of French manufacturers. Close cooperation with the French company “OENEO-BOUCHAGE” (ISO 9002), one of the leading producers of quality of cork in the world, allows us to guarantee high quality of our products. We offer a wide range of cork products of different varieties, designed for different customer opportunities, and various qualitative approach, namely:
• one of the natural bark of the cork oak) tube;
• technical agglomerated (pressed pellet) tube;
• combined (agglomerated with natural drives) tube.
• engineered high quality – Alfa
• copyright ALTEC®
• copyright Diamant®

At the request of the customer on the surface of the tube may be caused to any labeling by burning or paint. The tube is treated with silicone (different brands, depending on the material and requirements).
Ricky the Products are subject to careful quality control throughout all stages of production. To carry out tests of physico – chemical properties of each batch: moisture, elasticity, resilience, dust. Explores the organoleptic and microbiological condition of the tube. In accordance with the hygienic requirements are Packed in polyethylene bags of finished products, vacuum, sulfotyrosine and packing in cardboard boxes. The tube is certified in Europe and Ukraine (certificate of laboratory VERITAS and state standard of Ukraine) has a hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. Each batch is accompanied by a Quality certificate.

We also offer oak barrels (new and aged) for aging wines and brandies produced in France, as well as alternative technological material – chips, staves, sticks, stevy, powder tannins.

Become a partner of the European society of Oeneo Bush, we have implemented a desire to become winemakers source RELIABLE and EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS CAPPING. Our main goal is to provide the use of customer experience and expertise in the closure, in order to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of capping their wines.

currently, the scourge of the wine is the quality of the tube (in terms of worm-holes, cavities, microbiological status, associated with the deterioration of the natural environment) and the presence of trichloranisole (TCA) in the material. Technological knowledge of the European community oenologists and scientists engaged in the development of tube qualitatively new level, competence in forming tubes and processed peel today allow us to bring you the real and effective solutions. The dispute about the choice of closures (cork, screw-capsule-metal, or synthetics) are clearly resolved in favor of the tube, due to its natural qualities, such as a natural gate valve, regulating the breath of wine. As your wine, and your consumers are different, we offer you solutions that are respectful to blame and attractive in terms of mechanical performance, tube, price, packaging and marketing.

Our additional goal is to draw the attention of the wine makers on the importance of the matters closures in the wine industry, to report reliable information on quality indicators for each of our decisions on the closure, to offer You the closest technical support. Unique on the world market technological range of cover 100% patented.

Our innovation:
Five years of hard work it took our experts to identify two levels of permeability: P1 and P2 are designed for different types of wine. The problem of cork tones in the wine with our original technology “REVTECH” and “DIAMANT” gone that evaluated the largest independent laboratories in the world. We hope that all our products will be useful to the wine and its quality will satisfy the most demanding clients.


Address: street seaside, 42
65026, Odessa
(048) 7411470
(048) 7411462
E-mail: zhorzhenkork@farlep.net

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