LLC Wincentsen”: about the company

the Company Wincentsen” was registered on December 6, 1996 as a subsidiary company (APS) LTD “Sinotrans”, , Varna, Bulgaria, for the production of wine from grapes and fruit and berry raw materials, and vermouth. The company is located in, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. In this region two centuries ago, laid the Foundation for professional wine of the Russian Empire.

Manufacturing plant “Wincentsen” is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to produce high quality wines and brandies (lines for bottling wine, brandy and champagne). The company has a modern laboratory equipped with the latest equipment to carry out tests needed to diagnose the quality of products at all stages of production.

the Company has implemented and patented some of the latest developments in technology, equipment, the use of which allows to improve the quality of products. The key to high quality of the manufactured products, is building a production system in accordance with the international quality standards ISO 9001-2000.

At the present time LLC “Wincentsen” produces the following products:
– wine (dry ordinary varietal series “Elite”, dry, semi-sweet, strong, dessert);
vermouth, aperitif;
– brandy.

LLC Wincentsen” produces wines under their own names, are presented in the following collections and trademark:
TM “Bulgarian vine”- wine, made according to the original Bulgarian technology.
TM “Vinko” presents Bulgarian, Shabo, Elite collections, as well as dessert series. Wines of TM “Vinko” produced LLC Wincentsen” LLC “Olympus”, promoting products on the market.
Brandy is represented by the following trademarks: “Sahaidachny”, “.”, “Karmelyuk”, Kiev night” I Brandy Caucasus”.

the activities in the formulation of the concept of possible cooperation are:
• Development trademarks and products for the client;
• Work under the existing TM client;
• Work under the trademark owned by LLC “Wincentsen”;
• Work with vintage wines and cognacs;
• Various modification of the organoleptic properties of the finished product at the customer’s request (in accordance with GOST, TI and TD).

Contact Winconsin

Address: street Chisinau, 144-b,
, Belgorod-Dniester,
67700, Odessa region,
Tel: +380 (4849) 3-57-15
Fax:, +380 (4849) 3-59-59

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