Polygon: about us

the Team LLC “Plant” Polygon” for 10 years provides the viticulture farms and gardens modern, high-quality and, most importantly, inexpensive technique.

We offer cooperation with LLC “Plant” Polygon” in the following areas:
– repair and restoration of the existing machinery for soil;
– production of new units on-demand or according to the program of the plant;
– consume fewer parts because of their high load surface wear-resistant facing;
– manufacture of wearing parts tillage equipment.

Buying spare parts or equipment from us the direct manufacturer, You:
-pay 15-20% less than purchasing through intermediaries;
-get a quality product and can bring a claim within the warranty period;
-consume fewer parts because they are heavily loaded surface wear-resistant facing.

we Made the repair of agricultural equipment in the long term is not inferior to the new, at a much lower cost. If desired, you can always visit the company and to ensure its high technical level.


Address: Ul. Delnicka, 43
, Odessa, 65005

+38 (048) 721-4700, 721-4789, 730-4263
E-mail: poligon@te.net.ua

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