Langeron: about us

Our company is a winery with more than half a century of experience. Equipped with modern equipment of the primary complex consisting of:
– 4 lines for reception and processing of grapes;
complex equipment ThermoBrite and fermentation firm PIM (Bulgaria), for the preparation and cooking of white, red, dessert and fortified wines;
complex capacitive equipment one-time storage of more than 300,000 gave;
complex refrigeration equipment for processing and stabilization of wines “Alfalaval(France);
– workshop preparation and bottling balms and spirits.

the Bottling of still and sparkling wines is carried out on the lines of the ” “Воrelli” (Italy). Over the last two years the company works according to the scheme of the end of the production cycle, with a resource base of 500 hectares of vineyards. Quality control specialists certified laboratory at all stages of production: from the reception of the grapes in the bunker to the production of wine, stabilization and bottling. Compliance with the established rules, many years of experience in the cultivation and processing of the grapes, the introduction of advanced winemaking technology allows us to achieve high taste of our drinks

since 2005 RIC “Langeron and” began producing wine under the TM Premier wines”. A distinctive feature are the gustatory qualities of just living natural product. This is achieved through the commissioning of the newest equipment: multi-stage filtration system that provides the bottling of the wine “cold method.


Address: Ul. Pushkin 55, office 55
Odessa, 65005

(048) 777-64-86, 777-25-80, (0482) 25-17-45, 25-16-45

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