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Ismail winery was founded in 1949. In the postwar years for the development of the wine industry in this region were attracted by the best professionals from all over the state. The plant itself for more than half a century his story many times has been rebuilt, so the building looks modern and stylish. Our factory is an enterprise of mixed type: the very processes the grape produces wine and pours them into the bottle. Facilities for the processing of grapes is 16 thousand tons of grapes per season.

a New page in the history of the life of our factory was opened in the spring of this year – was planted on 15 hectares of their own vineyards, mostly promising varieties of champagne direction. The company’s specialists have developed technology 59 brands own wines: dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and strong. At the moment Ismail winery produces wine under such trademarks as: “Ishmael”, vingrad” and “star of the Danube”.

in Addition to providing bottling of wines, the company supplies raw materials Odessa plant of sparkling wines. This wine: Aligote, Sauvignon,Traminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and other Whole range of manufactured products were awarded medals at international competitions and exhibitions. So in February 2004, the third specialized international competition of food and beverages gold medals were awarded wine “Ishmael”, “Ismail”, Cabernet, Merlot silver medal “the Dance of the sun” pink. In may 2004. in, Kiev at the fourth international specialized exhibition “Alco soft 2004″ Golden medals were awarded wine “Sun glasses” and Merlot.

the Team of Ismail winery, tenderly embracing guilt, sincerely believe that the half-century age of our enterprise is the age of “early adolescence” that our production will continue to grow and develop, to give people joy in every drop of our solar wines.


Address: Gagarin street 44
was Ishmael

(04841) 5-33-50
(04841) 4-80-82

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