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CJSC “Bolgrad winery” was founded in 1945 as the plant’s primary wine-making on the basis of the state liquor stores. In 1990 he assumed the status of the rental company, and in 2003 JSC “Bolgrad winery.” Plant 4 shop (in 4 settlements: Chervonoarmeyskoe, Vasilevka, Bolgrad and Garden) primary winemaking. The company employs 277 people. Raw plant supply 28 farms Bolgrad district. The area of vineyards in the state is 5 thousand hectares, including fruit 4.8 thousand hectares. The processing plant’s capacity is 60 thousand tons.

In the plant’s product range includes: sparkling wine, table, varietal, fortified and dessert; varietal packaged in bottles with a capacity of 0.7 l: Aligote, Cabernet, Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Feteasca; vintage dry pearl Barrens, Oksamit Ukraine, Sauvignon Danube; fortified ordinary seaside white and pink, Sun glasses, Madera, Cahors Ukrainian.

the plant has a line for bottling of sparkling wines. The total area of the lines spill 2.5 million bottles. In 1999-2000 mastered the production and bottling of bottled wines brands “Golden Fork” (7 items) and semi-dry varietal wines Inzov” (8 items), and since 2003 have created two brand Bolgrad” (10 items) and “BWF” (11 items).

In 2001, the plant was purchased 21.7 thousand tons of grapes valuable technical grades. Manufactured 14.7 thousand tons of wine. Products of the plant participated in international exhibitions in Ankara, Szeged, Bratislava and awarded 3 silver, 2 bronze medals and 3 diplomas. Wine Bolgrad winery dozens of times exhibited at fairs and always for this plant was repeatedly awarded with medals and diplomas.


Address: Ul. Seminar 4,
, Odessa, 65055, Ukraine

+380 (482) 34-32-01
+380 (48) 731-41-35

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